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Paper Doll

Paper Doll

The Urban Dictionary defines a paper doll as such:

1. Someone used and played with like a child's doll; thrown around carelessly after done playing with. Usually to define a whore or slut.

2. Someone that may or may not be smart, who is lacking substance. Who is successful by society's standards but really has nothing to say. Lacks depth. Oftentimes travel in groups.

3. Someone focused on broadening a altruistic self-worth who pays much attention to her personal appearance and cultivates an upscale lifestyle.

4. A member of an elite group of people. Best friends. Made but from one piece of paper. Linked for ever.

5. Beauty, bimbo, skank.


This is a test. What you see depends on who you are. Experience with an open mind. Humans are much more than what we see with our eyes; always deeper than we give credit for. Throw off the labels...there is a complicated soul living in there, made in the image of God, conceived in love, tumbled like a polished stone. Get close and you risk losing everything. Love her and you gain life itself.

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