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16" X 20"Signed "Cowgirl Up" Print

16" X 20"Signed "Cowgirl Up" Print

Cowgirl Up

Reminding me to pick my pretty ass up when the existing structure is too confined, when paradigms for me are obsolete or erroneous and all the fighting, flirting, and preaching in the world won't change a thing. It then becomes time to wade in the water, to go where love is, to take daring chances for prosperity. Riding off into the sunset. Tipping my hat to the past and leaving mediocre behind: "forcing heart and nerve and sinew to serve their turn long after they're gone. And so hold on when there's nothing is in you, except the will which says to them 'hold on'" This is inspired by the colors and passions of Tex Mex culture and part of my "Three Fine Daughters of Farmer Brown" series which is created in honor of the Siak Sisters, who's ways put a burr under my saddle. Yee-effing-haw.

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